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The Deep Clean – 8 Florida Oral Hygiene Techniques For a Shiny New Smile

Florida Oral Hygiene

Oral health is a topic that most people don’t like discussing. As a dentist in Lake Worth, we see a variety of clients every month. A lot of them think that they know what’s best for their oral hygiene. However, once we start talking to them, we realize a lot of the things they think come from misinformation. Florida oral hygiene techniques are where a healthy smile starts. These deep-cleaning methods might already cover some of the topics you think you’re familiar with. Even so, you might be surprised by some of the advice, since it’s so different from what you think you know!

1) Proper Technique for Brushing your Teeth

Everyone knows how to brush their teeth, right? The University of Utah mentions that a majority of adults don’t take proper care of their teeth. The most effective method of brushing your teeth requires you to start by holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums and using short back and forth strokes. It would help if you focused these on the sides and tops of your teeth. Next, you should hold the brush vertically and use several quick, short strokes to focus on the rear of your teeth and the front anterior teeth, where you get the most plaque buildup. Following this technique should help with controlling your plaque and make your dental visits a lot less scary or painful.

2) Don’t Shortchange Your Brushing Time

You probably don’t time yourself while brushing your teeth. The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes, two times a day. Most adults get the number of times they should brush their teeth correctly, but not nearly enough of them go for the whole two minutes. One of the best tips that you can get for doing this is to put on a “tooth brushing song” that has a length of about two minutes. It doesn’t matter which song it is, go with what your taste and choose something that’ll help you hit that two-minute mark.

3) Choose the Right Toothpaste

There are several options that you have for toothpaste. Marketing has made it easy to find a brand name, but hard to tell what brand to trust. When choosing a toothpaste, forget about things like the brand name, or the buzzwords. If you have sensitive teeth, you should choose toothpaste specific to that need. Instead, keep an eye out on the packaging for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The American Dental Association associates itself with products that are proven to work, and the seal shows this to customers like you.

4) Choose the Perfect Toothbrush

The “perfect” toothbrush varies from person to person. Soft bristles are better for some people, and hard bristles are better for others. Just like mouths come in different sizes, the right toothbrush will differ depending on the size of your mouth. The Dental Health Association has noted that most adults use either a medium or small-sized toothbrush. You may also have noticed that children’s brushes are even smaller, and dentists recommend that kids use those brushes because they get into smaller-sized mouths more effectively. Replacing your toothbrush regularly is also important. As you use your toothbrush, it gets worn out. Most dentists recommend changing your toothbrush once every three to four months.

5) Include Flossing As Part of Your Routine

Floss is another major part of maintaining good dental health. Brushing can only get rid of the bacteria and plaque that gets to the top and sides of your teeth. however, the bristles are just no good for getting in between your teeth. That doesn’t stop bacteria and plaque, though. You have to find a way to get those things out of there. Floss helps, allowing you to get a cleaning mechanism in between those teeth for a deeper clean. You can even get closer to the gumline and deal with bacteria that might result in gingivitis. For ideal results, you should look at using a piece of floss between 18″ and 20″ in length. Shorter than that would be difficult to grip properly, and longer would be wasting your floss.

6) Incorporate Mouthwash

Another overlooked part of Florida oral hygiene is mouthwash. You can get a deeper clean with floss than you can with brushes, but even so, there are places even floss can’t reach. However, mouthwash is a liquid, and it gets to the deepest parts of your mouth to deal with bacteria in the hardest to reach places. There have been cases where some patients have foregone regular brushing and flossing and attempted to replace those with just a mouthwash. This practice is a dangerous one since mouthwash by itself isn’t a proven method of keeping your teeth clean. As Tufts School of Dental Medicine notes, mouthwash isn’t a replacement for proper dental health care, but rather a method of complementing it.

7) Use a Tongue Scraper

Deep cleaning your mouth should include scraping your tongue. Part of the process of regular brushing should include scraping your tongue, and many people get by using the bristles on their toothbrush for that purpose. As a temporary solution, it’s not so bad. However, a specialized tongue scraper might be worth the investment if you’re concerned about your dental health. Huffington Post mentions a dentist advising that tongue scraping can be a viable means of controlling bad breath. Tongue scrapers are a nice addition to your dental health regime, and using them won’t hurt your mouth’s health. You only stand to benefit from including them in your cleaning regimen.

8) Quit the Constant Snacking

While it’s not a method for cleaning your teeth, this is a tip that will help you keep your Florida oral hygiene at its peak state for much longer. many of us enjoy a midnight snack now and again, but the debris left behind by these treats can be disastrous for your mouth. Having a regimen of brushing after each meal and before bed is the ideal situation, but so few of us actually follow this advice that your dentist might as well be speaking to a brick wall. As a compromise, if you intend to do any snacking, you should try to at least brush and rinse your mouth out afterward to clear anything that sticks to your teeth. The longer it remains there, the more likely it’s going to turn into a problem for you later on.

Stack the Odds in Your Favor

There’s no guaranteed way for you to keep your teeth working well. Like all other parts of human beings, there’s no way to predict what will happen to your teeth reliably. That’s why you have to take the necessary measures to ensure that you give yourself a fighting chance with good Florida oral hygiene. In addition to your deep cleaning regimen that we covered above you shouldn’t skip out on your twice-yearly dentist visits. If you’re looking for a dentist in the area, then Anderson Dental Lake Worth is glad to offer you our services and answer any questions you might have. Call us today to book an appointment and experience our service for yourself!