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The Top Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today. As the NYC-based cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Apa, says, the future of dentistry is swiftly progressing. “Cosmetic dentistry is always going to involve multidisciplinary specialties,” he notes. “I think the office of the future will have everyone under one roof to comprehensively treat a case.”

While each person will have unique reasons for getting cosmetic dentistry, it has numerous benefits for everyone. For instance, did you know that, besides just improving your teeth structure and your smile, cosmetic dentistry can be good for your overall health? Here are a few of the most common benefits:

1. Instant Results

Rather than living with broken or chipped teeth, you could benefit from fixed dentures in just hours. This is an instant way to slow down the signs of aging and leave you with a more youthful appearance. Discolored teeth can be whitened immediately, without the need for months of whitening treatment.

2. Boosted Self-Confidence

Perhaps you have lost self-confidence due to decaying or missing teeth. Rather than hiding your gorgeous smile from everyone, you can now be confident and show off your pearly whites once again thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Improved self-confidence is often just the first step to succeeding in other areas of life. It can enhance your career, your love-life, your friendships and relationships… the list is endless!

3. Swift Recovery

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, you don’t need to take days or even weeks off from work or your usual routine to get your teeth fixed. Not only can you be assured of a smooth, pain-free operation, but also a very short recovery span. It’s now much easier to plan your schedules, family events or holidays around cosmetic dental procedures. There is little risk involved and, on average, the healing process is swift and easy.

4. Improved Overall Dental Hygiene

Once you have decided to undergo cosmetic dentistry, be prepared to love the results! You may find that it heightens your awareness of your teeth and smile so much that you begin taking better care of your oral hygiene. Whereas you may not have invested much time or care into dental health habits before, now you will be focused on maintaining that beautiful smile. You may even begin following a better diet and watching what you drink. Alternatively, you may be inspired to cut out bad habits like smoking in order to keep your pearly whites sparkling. You’ll likely brush more efficiently and floss regularly as well. This all contributes to better health in the long run.

5. Pain Relief

It is common to suffer severe pain when your teeth are misaligned. TMJ and other jaw issues can lead to excruciating and debilitating headaches. During cosmetic surgery, your dentist can correct any alignment issues and ensure that the teeth are growing correctly. As a result, your headaches will lessen or even disappear altogether. Your quality of life will be so much better due to the relief. Fixing your teeth alignment doesn’t just look better — it feels amazing, too.

6. Take Years Off Your Appearance

Most patients don’t think of cosmetic dentistry as a way to look younger. But fixing your teeth is one of the quickest ways to achieve that youthful appearance you’ve always wanted. Perhaps that wrinkle cream just isn’t doing the trick, but you haven’t quite decided on undergoing Botox or other treatments. It may be time to check your dentures. This could be the secret to looking young and better within hours!

7. Strong, Healthy Teeth and Gums

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are often performed in an effort to restore your teeth. Porcelain veneers or dental bonding that you undergo are designed to cover up any unwanted holes and cracks in your teeth. Not only does this look better, but the veneer acts as armor to safeguard your teeth from potential future damage and other periodontal problems.

8. Enhance Your Career

As unfortunate as it is, people are often judged based on their looks and outward appearance. A person may be highly skilled for a job, but during the interview, they may appear unattractive because of crooked teeth. This means the candidate with the better-looking teeth will get the coveted position. This is just the harsh reality of life.

Cosmetic treatments now help thousands of people to secure the career they worked so hard for. It may seem like just a small detail, but it can make all the difference. As mentioned before, a great smile can boost your self-confidence. But it can also boost the confidence that others have in you. There is a even science to back this claim: studies in Perception & Psychophysics suggest that symmetry adds to the attractiveness of “average” faces.

So if a cosmetic dentist can help bring some form of symmetry to an otherwise “average” face, does that person get a better shot at their career? The research supports this possibility.

Whatever your reason for choosing cosmetic dentistry, the options for better dental health are numerous. Call us today for a consultation, or contact us if you have further questions about dental health.